Monday, 3 May 2010

homewear: like homeware, but with vowels in different places.

Above is pictured what has been ruling, and continues to rule, my life of late. However, good news! I've been fairly obedient. Coupled with the fact I've working since stupid o'clock on today's project, the mysterious '2nd A.C essay (it's about Fight Club and neither as cool nor exciting as that should sound), and I've sacked off this evening.

As part of the list of 'acceptable assessment period fun tasks', blogging is taking preference. Then I'm going to rip the polythene of this month's Vice magazine, which I've been longing to do for a while now. First things first, and I thought it was about time to bring a bit of style back to Bowlface. It was, after all, around this time last year that Bowlface first stepped into the world of style blogging. Whilst I never pretended to be the next Susie Lau, I do really regret not buying those 50p desert boots I mused about on here. It took me a few months to come round to the idea that actually, yes, they were really cool and now I want a pair and refuse to pay whatever the high street is charging. Live and learn.

Now, by deeply ironic contrast, I'm refusing to buy anything. What with the relatively near future involving me living out of a suitcase - literally - adding anything else to my borderline embarrassingly-large wardrobe is only going to cause painful decisions later on. Furthermore, the current state of insane workload has resulted in me adopting 'housewear' all-day-round, often the same outfit for days on end. I am leaving the house, but the housewear habit is a hard one to kick.

Housewear constitutes the likes of the onesie. But, what with considerably warmer conditions, the onesie is kept aside for chillier days and evenings (I know how to party). With spring comes the arrival of garish elasticated shorts. PERFECT house clothes. On the same theme as the onesie, they're like pajamas in comfort but much less gross because you have a shower and stuff before putting them on, and are only appropriate for short naps, rather than full-on sleeps. My current favourite pair are part of a set a middle-aged woman bought in a Turkish market and then put on ebay for 99p. Here's the proof:
Yup. Due it not being quite Turkey temperatures, a pair of leggings are near-essential house clothes wear underneath. Currently I'm sporting a much-loved Primark pair which have shiny black zebra stripes on. They're bursting at the seams, which gives them slightly higher housewear points, but I can't bear to throw them out. Rope-soled espadrilles have come in where Grandad's socks and slippers went out, although these truly are housewear only, as I realised to my error in attempting to dash out to Tesco in them - trip-a-rama. Add to the mix the ultimate comfort in Truly Madly Deeply 'smushy' batwing top, a slightly-too large American Apparel oversized breton top and I'm as ready for not leaving the house as can be.

elasticated floral goodness

This is where that whole scenesters-wear-AA thing comes a little unstuck. I'm an American Apparel fan as much as the next 21 year old with a love of overpriced jersey, but I've strict rules. Namely: one piece per outfit (excluding underwear, another housewear essential). But furthermore, with the exception of those things with 'shiny' and/or 'disco' in the title, I never want to wear them more than when I'm hungover or sleepy. This, obviously, does make AA products amazing partywear because passing out in them after a night out is uber-comfy. On the plus side, they do legitimate an otherwise housewear outfit outside. I did go for lunch today in the shorts/leggings combo, but the breton top makes it passable, right?

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