Monday, 10 May 2010

Library Tweets

It only took 48 hours for the library novelty to wear off. I knew there was a reason I had boycotted it for all this time. Even situated in a library-crew dominated part of the 'learning lounge', next to three large windows allowing sunshine and scenic views (of the Great North Road and some foliage, albeit) and a mere five metres from the cafe, it still only took me approximately five hours to crash and burn, groaning loudly in public and then banging my head into a copy of The Interpreter of Maladies.

A highlight of my day, however, (which really puts things into perspective), was the discovery that Newcastle's Robinson Library has its own Twitter account. Bearing in mind the recent Twitter addiction - new procrastinatory measures are essential in such times, and it's a fun way to find out news, and it's updated internationally so I can find out what's happening in other time zones when other people are having Sunday morning lie-ins - and the temporary love of the library, this was pretty epic stuff.

You can follow the library here, but for non-tweeters I can't help but feel it's necessary to share the wealth. @nulibrs has a lovely shot of the external 1970s brick delight that is the Robinson Library from its 'good side', i.e., near a tree, but also updates shockingly regularly on just how busy the library is. For example, on May 9th at 3.03pm, we learn that 'the library is very full at the moment. All the laptops are out on loan and the clusters are very busy' - pray tell, just what is the library tweeting on? Fret not, though, as @nulibrs does offer handy, thoughtful advice, such as: 'We are open til midnight tonight. Why not come along in the evening when the Library is quieter and you have a choice of desk space...' I love the use of elipses. It's like the library is asking you out on a date or something; "you can choose your own desk, library user".

Sometimes @nulibrs just takes it one step further, however. Granted, this was at around 3.45 yesterday, when the delirium was really setting in, but I did a proper not-suitable-for-public-use GUFFAW at this tweet: 'The student Nightbus service will not be running again until after the Bank Holiday - the bus has faulty gear stick.' The attention to detail is just beautiful. As is the sheer optimism in its followers, demonstrated in the following: 'For more info on how you can help keep the library clean and quiet during the exam period have a look at:' There's procrastination and then means of failing a degree - desperation to the extent of wanting to look at that probably falls into the latter. I can't imagine, nor am I going to stoop so low as to look at it to find out, what it says. Probably something along the lines of 'use a bin'. 

I am one of 28 proud @nulibrs followers. That's three more than how many follow it, which is significantly better ratio than on my account. What's really great, though, is the fact that it's following OTHER LIBRARIES' TWITTERS. There's this whole community of libraries-what-tweet, including the British Library, Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds University Libraries, and, potentially my favourite, the 'gangsta' 'Toon Library' - being Newcastle's City Library. This could become a whole new flock of tweets to follow in these dark assessment days. 

In other news, I saw a crack fox in West Jesmond last night. I know, hard to believe in potentially the most salubrious student-dominated suburb ever, however, it did run out of a garage and along the metro line, so it gets some 'grit' points. Sad to say in the evening sunlight it was a beautifully glossy ginge colour, potentially over-large and certainly didn't offer me any 'blood from a cat's face'. Anyway, in celebration, here is one of my favourite bits of the Mighty Boosh about a crack fox. Enjoy. 

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