Wednesday, 5 May 2010

politics in moving pictures

Be pretty wrong for a historical moment like my first ever vote to go past undocumented. Not that I've voted yet, but it's all in the name of building tension. Being surrounded by student media types politics chat is the next most popular variety after dissertation chat, and infinitely the less boring. Cleggmania has got its grip firmly on Newcastle, and Wendy Taylor, Lib Dem PCC for Newcastle East, looks a lot like my favourite ever history teacher, which gives her a few (albeit superficial) points up on the £18 grand food bill expense man Nick Brown.

Anyway, if you've not been religiously following the debates and the constant news coverage and blahabaahahaa, (and it's utterly understandable) to form your decisions on the big day, then it might be worth taking a look at VBS's election series. It focuses on young representatives of all three major parties, and it's super enlightening. There's a moment in the Tory one where I swear the crying girl has been posessed by the spirit of the BNP member who used to prop up the bar in the Shire pub I worked in as a teenager. It's got to be seen to be believed.

On the complete flip side, Alan, who could potentially become the youngest MP ever, is totally adorable.

Not least because his hair matches his campaign colour in being a near-fluorescent orange, but also because he speaks as passionately about being a ginger as being a Lib Dem.

The Labour video shows Mo Iqbal, who is hoping to be the youngest Labour councillor in Greenwich (he's 23), doing some Bollywood Dancing and philosophise about what his dad might say about getting his wheel clamped. It's also an eye-opener.

Happy voting, y'all.

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