Sunday, 21 June 2009

Desert. Dessert.

Well somebody got a lot of egg.

Bowlface takes on fashion blogging. Well, almost. My coolkid friends were 'doing the 90s' a little while back, and, like an old, sceptical woman, I shunned the notion. Although a slavish fan of vintage, I always maintain that you should never return to the fashions you've worn once already.

This is possibly why I struggled with leggings so much. Having spent my 90s childhood in varying patterns of the garment - pocohontas-pattern, Minnie Mouse pattern, butterflies etc etc- I have little desire to return to them. The same applies to denim jackets and crop tops. The former I've decided I've come round to but after weeks of seeing them splashed all over every colour supplement and weekly rag I really just can't go there, such is my innate antipathy to knowingly following a trend. The crop tops I've been digging for over a year, albeit with everything highwaisted. However, after spotting over 17 lace Topshop ones at a recent festival I fear they too may have to bite the dust.

So, here comes the new 90s-esque beast. Judging by Radio 0ne style broadcasts and this month's Vogue, Alexa Chung - long time underground style icon - has been unleashed to the hungry hungry hoards of women desperate for more skinny birds to idolise. I'm one of them, and feebly attempted to imitate her style last summer for about a week until I realised the circumference of each of my thighs was equal to that of her waist and that I couldn't nick that nicely beaten-up breton top off my ex.

The result of this Chunglove is that "battered ankle boots" are the de rigeur footwear for practically everyone, as the extortionate prices of them on ebay demonstrate, especially when 'Alexa' is quoted in the listing. Thus, my clever planning to buy some before autumn descends is quite futile.

However, I have been intrigued by desert boots. As seen on male Shoreditch scenesters etc over the last couple years, I predict a female appreciation fairly soon. There's one small problem: I just can't get over the fact they look like elf boots. I'm not that cutesy kind of girl who can pull that thing off. I just look like an oversized toddler, or Ann off Little Britain.

But then, on ebay, up pops possibly the greatest solution. Canvas desert boots. V 90s, not too elfy, not too converse. Could be perfect, and indeed a repetition of the jazz shoe moment of yonderyear - I wish I stockpiled pairs ever since. Alternatively, it could be horribly wrong. However, for 50p I'm willing to find out.

In other news, my wholesome procrastination has resulted in these little puppies : lemon cupcakes. They're fruit-orientated, not chocolate-orientated, so that means they're well healthy, innit. As a good friend of mine would say, "Lemon zest: one of your five a day".

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