Saturday, 20 June 2009

Procrastination Post

Unlike my last procrastination-related post way back in April, this one has much less self-loathing in it. In fact, my procrastination this morning got me a job. Score!
Since returning to the 'Shire just under a week ago, the disappearance of any necessary chores, to-do lists, social activity, inner-city road systems etc has left me with a state of relaxation which, for a someone with such a short attention span as myself, has left me unbelievably bored.
I'm not easily satisfied with a week of nothing to do unless I'm in a hot/sunny/interesting/beautiful place, and the quiet village of my upbringing does not fit into any of those categories.
As a result, I have undertaken a number of seemingly dull yet wholesome activities such as gaining gym membership, eating brown food, reading foreign novels in cafes (how I got employed this morning), writing stories about my Dad for the local press and going to tabletop sales. I have also made a few Internet discoveries, such as discovering friends' previous modelling careers on youtube, and checking out a band called Discovery.
These people are clearly going to have a load of record sales of the back of the fact that one of them is in Vampire Weekend, which is a shame, as they're really good of their own accord. I give it about six months until you start hearing them in Topshop.

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