Tuesday, 2 June 2009

boredom blog.

My my, if a good three weeks haven't passed in a blur of tedious exams and I've not updated this little puppy...

Aside from the other little assessment-shaped things getting in the way, my life in the library has also been far too bleak a one to comment on to any great extent. However, spending such prolonged periods of time in one place does alert one to the oddities of library ettiquette.

Firstly, there's the German-cliche-esque reservation of desks. People choose their least valuable item of revision equipment to mark their ground at some frightful hour of the morning before heading off to Starbucks, only to return later in the day. Outrageous, I know, but as it is impossible to beat this ever-increasing trend, I too became a desk-hogger. Didn't have enough balls to leave it for too long though. After a seriously paranoid 45 minute run to co-op and back on a Mullerrice mission I swore never to leave my annotated vintage editions of Virginia Woolf texts ever again.

Secondly, there is the total disregard of the silent rules in the silent zone (yeah yeah, the whole library's meant to be silent, it totally isn't). People arrive in packs to sit together there, where the desks are physically walled off to prevent any kind of social contact. It makes no sense, but again, library cowardice caved when I considered telling them to shut up. The age-old dirty look came out instead, which had no impact other than aging me about thirty years. Good times.

Other observations include the transformation of the toilets into tiny boxes where everyone is on their mobiles, frantically shouting over the flushing and hand-dryer noises, the attempts by those who observe the silent rules to eat crisps quietly, and the not-so-sneaky watching of BBC i-player on laptops.

Yeah, looking back, the library really is the dullest place on earth.

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