Saturday, 3 April 2010

Online relief for Bank Holiday boredom

Oh my, a whole week in the Shire and so little blogging. The activities have been multitudinous, too. I mean, even if being encountered by a field of terrifying P.E teacher-esque (and not the fun Sue Sylvester type) sheep baa-ing at me during a run; being the most outspoken person in a room full of women-only Oxbridge college alumni and having the insides of someone's mouth flicked at me with a cotton bud whilst serving them behind a till weren't enough, I've also done some quite credibly cool stuff too.

But enough of that. That's not what Bowlface is for. If this blog actually showcased all the fun flea markets and male model-stalking and literary festival and top knot discovering I'd been doing to give me a load of cool points then the apparent charm of these vanity-inspired splurgings would disappear, right?

As a result of the above, temping in various high-end retail outfitters all week, and, more to the point, a load of really distractingly awesome stuff going on with the Vice site, Bowlface has been neglected. The Noam Chomsky interview was pretty brutal to the pile of real work I had to do, but this chappy really has caused some problems. It's mainly because I'm part-boy that this ticks boxes, as I'm not really one for the bulging muscles, but '>VBS meets...David Haye is like BBC2's Who Do You Think You Are but with a boxer and Senegal and it's much more interesting than working in retail.

For the rest of me, which is part-girl, Vice has launched a new style-dedicated site, which is ace, even if I didn't so love torturing myself by looking at pictures of beautiful people I will never be. So, any of you who still keep claiming it's sexist/producing porn for scene kids can eat your hats. Or buy better ones, after having a look at it... (although there still are a load of tits on show).

Get excited for a full Bank Holiday Shire report, Bowlfans!

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