Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Procrastination = Selfloathing

It's another beautiful day. It didn't take long for the sun to rise me out of the grumpy stupor I was in yesterday morning and join in with the mass family pond clearout. Surprisingly satisfying, picking up dead, sludgy leaf mulch and running down the garden with a wheelbarrow. Looked a little like this, except everyone being aged by about fifteen years.

After four days of avoiding the small mountain of books thrown into a corner of my room, I've decided to sit down and look like I'm doing something. Instead, I figured I'd just check out a few current fave style blogs, such as http://www.childhoodflames.blogspot.com/, and http://www.fashiontoast.blogspot.com/ ; only to realise that, even if I did have their wardrobes, I would never have their thighs, and if I did there is no way I'd be munching on pizza. This conclusion made all the more painful by arises whilst shoving large chunks of easter egg into my mouth.

On a good note, Keats, Hunt and The Cockney School's looking really attractive right now.

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