Monday, 13 April 2009

Bank Holiday Mondays

...somewhat of a British institution. And, much like many a British institution, always victim to disproportionate amounts of pressure to be 'jolly good'.
So far, this Easter Bank Holiday Monday is winning a few BH (Bank Holiday) points because not only is it not pissing it down but there is even a tiny amount of sunshine peeking through the clouds. Imagine how many people woke up this morning, joyously witnessed the bright skies, and instantly pictured the short-sleeved and lightweight jackets they were going to don and the ice-creams they were to munch. We may talk incessantly of the weather, but it's nice that such a tiny thing can make everyone so much happier.
I'm an exception to this. So far today I have done some hand-washing of vintage cardigans, read some of the paper, eaten some muesli and played with Novelty Cat. (Will explain later). Not because I'm anti BHs or anything, but rather am 3/4 of my way through a month-long university holiday and this four-day long BH has resulted me in not tackling my giant workload at all. Rather than being excited over the anomaly of a near-sunny BH I am instead feeling a little guilty. And bored.
I have no desire to enter into the rammed shopping centres, attend any family-specific activities, or indeed eat ice-cream (that's due to general Easter-related overeating, rather than BH bitterness, mind). Maybe when I have a proper job I might happily indulge in such activities with my precious free days off, but until then I intend to revert to grumpy teenage mode and avoid such things. Until I'm dragged out on a family walk around the village perimeter this afternoon, that is.

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