Friday, 30 April 2010

obligatory library post

OH, look, it's everyone's favourite three words. It can't really come to this time of year (being two weeks before hand-in date and the end of my degree) without a post on the library. Last year there were at least two, and plenty more mentions. I dare say the Robinson Library is feeling a little neglected. This might be why the library computer:
a) initially opened THAT site about Jesus
b) refused to open
c) opened Bowlface but instantly closed it down, THREE TIMES.
d) wouldn't let me sign in.

So, after much technical jiggery pokery I've beaten the system, promised the library it would get its annual post and here we are. I do have some relatively exciting news, however. After three years of university education I have managed to get the locating and issuing of a book down to less that thirty seconds. This is how long it should take, but I'm normally confused by the numbers or too short or looking suspiciously at that other girl from my course lingering around the same section for that one elusive, incredibly popular book on Vikram Seth. Yes, I know what you're upto.

BUT, even more exciting, I've discovered a SECRET LIBRARY ROOM WITH PRIVATE COMPUTER JUST FOR ME. Which means I can blog and check my facebook and do all those other things you're not meant to do because people tut in lovely, peaceful privacy. Shame the keyboard's so bloody loud. Ironically, this is probably the first and last time I'll ever use it, but it's nice to know I've got the best out of my tuition fees.

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