Wednesday, 10 March 2010

e-mails my family send me

yes, I am aware this isn't the first time a picture of a human dressed in an animal-inspired babygro has made it onto this site.

Slight step up from retro Bowl-post 'Notes my Mum leaves me.' I was actually hanging out with Kirsty Golightly today, in an attempt to make that prophesy come true. We wandered around the Quayside and it's many 'Heugh's in the sunshine for a stupidly long time trying to find a couple of speakers reverberating in the North Tower of the Tyne Bridge. When we found it, we left after about three minutes. Then it went silent and we thought we'd broken it. (We hadn't).

Anyway, I came home to two amazing bits of information thanks to Bowlface family members. Number one, from Mummy Bowlface, is that my link from my facebook page didn't lead to Bowlface, but here: Rather than the self-indulgent witterings of a bored aspirant journalist, this, as you will discover by clicking, is actually a site offering Bible tours. Unfortunate, no? You can imagine my distress when I find an email with the subject heading of 'Have you got religion ????????!!!!!!!!!!!' (not least because of the superfluous punctuation)

The superfluous punctuation is, however, somewhat understandable. Although it is pretty hard to imagine me offering 14 and 15 day package tours around Egypt, Jordan and Israel, three countries to which I have unfortunately not been, it is apparently a 'Mega site of Bible studies and information'. That 'mega' is highly suspicious.

Fortunately, after that little shock the next familial e-mail was far more comforting, in more way than one. Since the onesie obsession started, was fulfilled, and subsequently brought whole new issues in where I can and cannot wear it (essentially just the house, and certainly not when entertaining), like an addict, I've been on the hunt for the next onesie-equivalent obsession. Bro Bowlface suggested this little site. Verdict: oh-so cosy but somewhat over warm, and perhaps unnecessary given my relative lack of camping holidays. It was superceded today, and I can't stop thinking about how much I want a Kigu.

If I thought the opportunities for onesie-related fun were numerous, those for Kigu-related fun have taken it into a whole new realm. Imagine you're just chilling at home, pretending to be a flying squirrel/tiger/red panda/kitty and then your buddy rings and announces you're missing a 'totally rad' fancy dress party? No need to change! Or, say, you fancy going to the zoo and get trapped in one of the cages - you can just whip out a Kigu and assimilate with the animals.

Maybe this is why I haven't written any of my dissertation today. I bet if I was dressed as a red panda I would have pumped out two in this time, though.

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