Tuesday, 23 March 2010

"artists" with too much time on their hands

Eggs are an odd enough concept as it is, let alone with a tiny naked baby inside. Where did the unborn chicken foetus go?

Given my current state of mind/location/occupation, I could once have thought myself able to slip into the above category. After all, when I'm done stalking people-I-don't-even-know's facebook profiles, checking Twitter every ten minutes and contemplating when I can justify having another snack, maybe creating some crazy art might be the next logical step. I'm clearly not freaking out about the insane degree workload anyway near enough.

However, THIS just shoved me right back into the 'lazy student with a lack of work-related will power' category. Again, another maternal inbox treat - why she didn't send me crazy stuff like this when I was interning and spent my days trawling the internet for weird stuff for the Vice blog is beyond me. There's now a new label dedicated to such email correspondence.

So, there's a lady out there who actually had the brain wave to spend her days making tiny miniature babies and sell them for the best part of $100. Sounds like a long shot, but people are buying them - what you do with them after parting with a month's worth of grocery money is a mystery. Carry them around in your palm and put miniature baby clothes on, I guess. The closest experience I have to anything of the sort was when a friend thought it would be hilarious to carry round a tiny baby doll, which was terrifyingly grubby, and drop it in people's drinks at the pub. That was weird, gross and annoying enough.

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