Thursday, 13 August 2009

Notes my Mum leaves me.

Evidence I'm getting old too young, added to by Mummy Bowlface.
Just in case, cha know?

Kirsty Golightly and I MUST have identical brains. Just as I notice her recent post is about her turning into her Dad, I'm posting photographic evidence of my Mum's cuteness whilst simultaneously realising I am turning into her, as I leave near-identical notes for flatmates, friends, and, indeed, myself.
Hello 2053, Kirsty Old Geordie Man Golightly and Super Organised To Cover Every Eventuality Bowlface, living together, and constantly bemused by the activities of youth.

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  1. Glad İ'm providıng good copy Alıce! Lıke the Abercrombie piece though.