Monday, 5 April 2010

groundhog day

I reckon that if an artistic psychologist (ironically what I thought I was aged 17 - really should've done a project on that instead of making Kirchner-inspired lino prints of my face) was to do a diagram of my brain there would be a considerable section marked 'stuff I'd never have believed if you told me a year ago'. I had one of these moments today. Except, rather than being all 'wow, such amazing and unexpected progress!' it was 'ohemmgeez, I can't believe this sense of deja-vu is so horribly real'. Unfortunately, this is normally the case. However, today took it to a whole new level.

Because, bowlfans, this moment of deja vu is ACTUALLY RECORDED IN THE FIRST EVER BOWLPOST. Right here. I actually wouldn't advise you to read it, it's quite average. However, it is a Bank Holiday monday. The weather is distinctly average, and, although no family walk around the village perimeters is on the horizon - thank God - very little has changed. Sure, I've got more hair now, but I'm pretty sure I'm wearing the same cardigan and feeling similarly lardy from too much Shire food.

It gets wierder, though. After feeling smug at having finished my first dissertation draft only six words over the limit, and only one dissertation-related facebook status update, I decide to trot downstairs only to witness a blast from the past. It's also recorded in an early bowlpost. Clearly, a familial de-gunking of the water feature in the garden has become an annual tradition. I even braved the ludicriously unseasonal winds to ask if they knew this was exactly what they did last Easter Monday and they knew and seemed pretty chuffed about it. Maybe I'm odd for getting a bit weirded out about it.

After all, is this the start of a neverending groundhog day? Am I going to find myself encountering the same situations, blogging on the same things, coming out with yet another cringey-mcgee statement that I wished had passed through my brain before my vocal chords? I mean, a year ago today I was totally obsessed with the visiting cat. Today I had to repeatly ignore facebook friendship requests from a considerably inferior cat. Maybe I'm just in an episode of the Truman show. It's bringing a whole new philosophy to light.

In other news, the attentive of you will have noticed a smart new 'graphic' (?) at the top of the blog. Oh Herrow. It's me, with a bowl on my face, drawn by a chum who's tumblr is way more entertaining than this. It's got a better name too (whokilledcockrobin), check it out here. I spent two hours this morning battling with hmtl to get it as a dominating background. Once I'd achieved this I realised that its greatness far outweighed the blog content and so went for something a bit more subtle. Like, right at the top where you can't possibly avoid it.

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