Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Glee: 1, Revision, Nil.

Wanted to get an Oncomouse in there but it totally wasn't working.

The snow's gone, turned into rain and looks thoroughly miserable, seen out by two little snow bunnies keeping me entertained as I gazed out of the library window when I was meant to be learning quotations.

The snow bunnies were also a pretty indicative sign that I should leave the brown brick construction of pressure that is the Robinson library, not least because I'd been whispering very loudly about them to my friend on the next desk. In the Silent Zone. Where I normally glare at people for doing the same. I would hate myself for hypocrisy, but c'mon, SNOW BUNNIES.

Anyway, when I got home the long-lost flatmate had returned. And I'd received an amazing home-adapted real ale box of Mummy Bowlface baked delights. 'Smushing' on the flatmate's bed with chocolate fudge slice and a catchup was completely essential. Then it was tea time, then it was attempted revision/irrelevant research time (I know what an Oncomouse is now) then it was what I'd been waiting for for three weeks: Glee time.

This programme has been as heavily trailed as 90210 and How I Met Your Mother, which isn't saying much (actually, I've got a bit addicted to 90210's second series). However, it had all the components for being really great. I could tell from the advert:

High School teen cliches, check.
Musical theatre inclusions, check.
Unfeasibly attractive teachers, check.
Unfeasibly witty American jokes, check.

I was totally not disappointed. From the crazy wife of attractive teacher (am I just getting old or were teachers never that hot in school?) and her 'craft room' and hysterical pregnancy, the cute ginge with OCD and fun leaflets on bulimia, and the soundtrack entirely created by kitsch choral interventions, rather than ruining Interpol or Patrick Wolf or someone who really doesn't want their fans to know they've sold out, all makes for a new reason to drink less. As in a Monday night going out tradition, rather than a dependency I don't have on alcohol.

Anyway, Glee is so, well, gleeful, that I've even commented on the Guardian website about it, as well as updating you lovely Bowlface followers. The fact I've got an exam in under two hours has obviously nothing to do with it.

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