Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Radio One: encouraging my literary snobbery.

My Dad's been saying that Radio One has been dumbed down ever since I can remember. Sure, sometimes I am made to cringe a little by the tacky features and feigned ignorance of the ludicrously overpaid "DJs".
However, I 'tuned in' this morning to hear the ultimate in brilliantly unaware comedy. The conversation went as such:
Scott Mills: "I've been trying to read a bit more lately, and I've been told I ought to read Nineteen Eighty Four because it's a really intelligent book. Do you know if it's hard?"
Producer Becky: "Well, it's quite difficult to get into, but once you are, you're hooked."
Scott Mills: "What, like, Big Brother?"
Producer Becky: "Yeah!"

Comedy GOLD.

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