Saturday, 12 September 2009

Last week's papers

Alongside the England Women's football team defeat at the final of the European Championships, the announcement that South African runner Caster Semenya was indeed a hermaphrodite - both of which acted as a justification for a load of sexist drivelling, e.g. 'I can't comfortably watch [the final] knowing there are 22 hungry men out there' - there were a couple of pictoral delights which should've gone up on here a good few days ago.

First is the fun game of 'Spot the Politician'. Grandpa Bowlface and I had a good chuckle over this during the sacred meal that is the hour-long, three-course breakfast in his house. I put on at least the equivalent weight of an average pack of lard during my stay with him last week, but found myself easily adapting to sheets, blankets, and 1950s cuisine; hello, boiled onions.

Anyway, here's the fun part: Spot the Politician!

I think Kila Kela may even take him on as his percussionist, chaknow?

'Oh, the grand old Duke of York...'

Best photojournalism I've seen in a long time...

The other little beaut I saw won the Cutest Discovery award amongst all those wierd looking and frankly quite dull new species they found in Papua New Guinnea. Best kind of ring, ever. I WANT ONE.

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